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Helping you find a career as a Water treatment worker

A water treatment worker cleans drinking water and maintains tanks and filters. They need to follow strict safety procedures when carrying out tasks such as monitoring water and gas levels.

Water treatment workers may have to pass a medical check - this is because they are interacting with water that people will drink.

What does a Water treatment worker do?
A water treatment worker uses sewer equipment and monitors water levels. A typical day for a water treatment worker will be:

- Using equipment to unblock and treat sewers
- Taking readings of water levels
- Recording the readings
- Adding chemicals to clean the water
- Cleaning tanks
- Maintaining water filters
- Monitoring gas levels
- Monitoring water levels
- Following safety procedures
Skills & interests required for a Water treatment worker
You'll need an ability to follow safety procedures, knowledge of operating machinery, excellent observation skills and hygiene, knowledge of health and safety, and the willingness to work in dirty and wet conditions.
- Attention to detail
What hours does a Water treatment worker typically do?
Water treatment workers tend to work between 37 and 40 hours per week, including night and weekend shifts.
What environment is a Water treatment worker based in?
Control room or in the water treatment area.
How much does a Water treatment worker get paid?
A water treatment worker starting out is expected to earn between £14,500 to £18,000 per annum.

An experienced water treatment worker can earn between £25,000 to £32,000 per annum.

With further training, a water treatment worker can progress onto water engineer, with salaries beginning at £20,000 and reaching £30,000 per annum.
What qualifications does a Water treatment worker need?
There are no minimum qualifications needed for this role. But, if you have left school with a handful of GCSEs, you will have the upper hand when applying. GCSE grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) in English, maths and science can be an advantage.

Water treatment workers are expected to pass medical checks.

You could apply to short water supply and treatment courses (CPD), where you will learn about the technologies used to clean water and estimate water demand. You will also learn about the health risks relating to water supply. You could also gain work experience on building sites, which will give you some understanding of the health and safety involved in the industry.

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