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Scottish Power

About Scottish Power

Company HQ location: Glasgow, City of Glasgow

Industry: Engineering & manufacturing

No of employees: 6000

Our company in a nutshell

ScottishPower operates in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, energy management and supply of gas and electricity in the UK.

We are committed to leading the development of clean and competitive electricity, modernising electricity networks to improve quality of service and increase customer choice through digital enhancements.

ScottishPower will invest over £1.4bn here in the UK every year for the next five years. As well as investing in the future energy infrastructure of the UK, ScottishPower is creating thousands of jobs through our Distribution and Renewables businesses as well as creating hundreds of apprenticeships.

Life at Scottish Power for apprentices

ScottishPower offers apprenticeships in Power Generation and Power Engineering.

Power Generation

The Apprenticeship scheme covers a number of disciplines. The Apprenticeship lasts for 3.5 years which will include on the job learning at a designated plant, attainment of a relevant qualification through college blocks, an NVQ Level 3 extended Diploma plus a suite of enhanced training courses delivered by Uniper Engineering Academy in Nottingham. All apprentices will complete an end point assessment to finish their apprenticeship Journey.

As the training is delivered within Uniper Engineering Academy you will spend the majority of the first year away from your designated plant.

Power Engineering

Our Power Engineering Apprenticeship Programme provides you with a fantastic way to realise your potential and progress your career. Bringing learning and earning together, not only will you study towards nationally-recognised qualifications, you’ll earn a good salary, develop new skills and gain invaluable knowledge and experience. During the programme, you’ll join our workforce, and while you’re helping them make a world of difference, you’ll have the opportunity to help your career in a number of ways too.

Company Values

The sustainable creation of value

“We want to lead the creation of value in a sustainable manner for society, citizens, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which we do business, equitably compensating all groups that contribute to the success of our business enterprise, and to make new investments seeking the maximisation of our social dividend, generating employment and wealth for society with a long-term vision that achieves a better future without compromising present results”

Ethical principles

“We aspire for our conduct and that of the persons linked to us, including all participants in the value chain, to respond and adhere to ethical and generally accepted social responsibility principles, in addition to applicable laws and the Corporate Governance System”.

Development of our workforce

Sense of belonging

Safety and reliability



Respect for the environment

Customer focus

Case studies


Power Engineering Apprentice, 2013

My name is Robbie and I am one of twelve from the first group of Power Engineering Apprentices recruited by ScottishPower in September 2013.