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Stepping Stones Montessori Childcare

Stepping Stones Montessori Childcare

About Stepping Stones Montessori Childcare

Company HQ location: Chester, Cheshire

Other locations: Chester, Cheshire

Industry: Childcare

Our company in a nutshell

The Montessori approach recognises the different learning styles and allows each individual to learn at their own pace of learning. Children are encouraged to learn through making their own decisions and therefore are not afraid of making mistakes. There is a culture of self-correction which means that children persevere until they have achieved the desired outcome.

Private Day Nursery caring for children aged 0-5 years. It is our philosophy to provide an environment for children where they feel secure, happy and cared for. With this in place, children will be able to develop and learn at their own pace, supported by adults who understand the importance of allowing children to be children.