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Our company in a nutshell

Superdrug is part of the AS Watson Group and is the UK's second-largest beauty and health retailer.

Our purpose is to be the best in everyday accessible beauty and health retailing. We are committed to bringing innovation and the latest styles and trends to every high street in the UK at fantastic prices. We do this by hiring passionate people committed to delivering exceptional results through: Customer service, Teamwork, Learning and Honesty.

Working in retail can be a great career choice and our Retail Apprenticeships offer a chance to gain invaluable experience in a busy customer service environment and earn a nationally recognised qualification that can launch you into a varied, promising career.

We are looking for our managers of the future and will support and guide you through your Apprentice journey, develop your confidence, customer service and team skills and look ahead to see where you can progress.

Case studies


Apprentice Sales Assistant

Working in a large, busy store in a popular shopping centre, Megan says “An average day for me is to be on and off the till whilst doing any other jobs given to me like putting stock out or being on the makeup stands filling from the draws or putting delivery out. There is always something to do to keep you busy. My favourite part of the job is being on the makeup stands because that’s what I enjoy and have a lot of knowledge in, so I like to help customers when they come to me with advice about what items they should purchase.”

Megan is enjoying the pace and variety of her apprenticeship “Working for Superdrug is fun and there is always something to do especially in a busy store. I would describe it as fast-paced, friendly and challenging (as well as fun).”

The future looks bright for Megan, she loves working with make-up and wants to progress her career with Superdrug and cosmetics, continuing learn new skills and maybe be part of Superdrug’s own brand cosmetics one day!


Apprentice Sales Adviser

I thought if I got an apprenticeship it would help me in the real world and I would get more work experience this way.

I already knew about Superdrug before I got the apprenticeship as I always shopped there beforehand. I researched about the company’s history and found out about their cruelty free products and their 100% happiness guarantee programme, which made me want to join the team even more as I love animals! When I went for my interview I was really nervous but I quickly calmed down as my manager was lovely and made me laugh, this made me feel part of the team straight away.

In an average day I work on the make-up aisle and I love it! I tidy the make-up stands in the morning and do my make-up delivery, there are always different products being sent in every time and I get to see all the new launches which makes me excited for promotion change! I help different customers every day choose make-up and give them advice on which product is best for them. My assessor is lovely and comes every month to see how my paperwork is going and also does floor and till observations.

I would say I am confident and happy whilst I’m working so they are the qualities I would say you need to work at Superdrug. I have got to know a lot about different make-up products and it’s a fun environment to work in. You need to have good product knowledge and give everyone the Superdrug feeling when they come into store!

I love working for Superdrug it is the best decision I ever made! My team are lovely and my managers are the best you could ever have. Everyone is so nice here and the company is amazing to work for. You find out new things every day and we have the Hub, an app that helps you communicate with other people in the business, like a Superdrug Facebook!

Looking to the future, I have been offered a permanent position in my store on the make-up aisle which I couldn’t be happier about! The good thing about Superdrug is that you can always work your way up!


Apprentice HR Assistant

After doing lots of research online and getting lots of advice from my parents I decided that an apprenticeship would be the best route to take. This would mean that I would gain a qualification and would be learning life skills within the workplace that a classroom wouldn’t be able to teach me. I visited many colleges and had a look online at apprenticeships and when I found one I liked I would apply. I wanted to make a link between academic learning and skill based learning.

When I made the decision to do an apprenticeship I knew I wanted to go with a well-known and successful brand. This is because I felt I would get the most experience from my time there and I would experience working in a fast paced and high achieving business.

I have always shopped in Superdrug and felt working somewhere you shop yourself is so important. I knew straight away when I saw the job being advertised that I wanted to apply. I did lots of research on the business, its background, success and Head Office (as that’s where I would be based) I was very impressed and was delighted to be offered an interview. I was smitten with Superdrug from this point on. Luckily they thought the same too and I was offered the job!

Being an Apprentice means your day to day often varies depending on the needs of the business. I have loved working in Head Office as every day is different. As an Apprentice you are doing a variety of tasks. I have gained knowledge and experience in Excel and have learnt the art of prioritising. As an apprentice you are given allocated time agreed with your line manager in which you should work through and complete your qualification This time is used for you to plan your answers, research and document your progress.

Since working as an apprentice I have also been to Dunstable for a HR conference, had award winning customer service training and experienced a shared services away day which involved clay pigeon shooting, presenting to the office, archery and duck herding with sheep dogs.

Being an Apprentice is a wonderful experience and each day you are learning, experiencing something new and growing as a person. Working for Superdrug is so rewarding. We are one big community who when we pull together can achieve some incredible things such as walking the distance of each and every Superdrug and Savers store door to door to raise money for Marie Curie and raising over £2,000 for them! The HR office has made me feel so welcome in my time at Superdrug and there is a really friendly atmosphere throughout the company.

My ultimate career goal would be HR Director for Superdrug and Savers. In the short time my career goals are to achieve my CIPD and to become a HRBP. My Superdrug apprenticeship has allowed me to choose my future and has given me an insight into my dream career. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!