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1st Place Graduate Recruitment

Our company in a nutshell

1st Place Graduate Recruitment

1st Place Graduate Recruitment is the UK's leading specialist in attracting, assessing, selecting and developing the next generation of exceptional sales performers.

We offer Graduates the opportunity to work for some of the most dynamic, professional and successful firms in the UK in the challenging and hugely rewarding world of Sales.

We recruit for roles in:

• Media and Advertising

• New Media

• Events

• Recruitment

• IT

• Finance

Why Sales?

A career in sales can offer you a life changing opportunity. A position with one of our clients will offer you the chance to be in the top 1% of earners within 5 years. It is a career that lets you determine exactly how much money you make and where your pay cheque directly reflects how much harder and smarter you work every single month.

However it offers far more than just monetary rewards. A sales job is also the gateway to a successful business career. You will learn about how and why businesses operate which is demonstrated by the statistic that over 70% of UK business owners began their career in sales.

What you need to be successful

Make no mistake, this is no get rich scheme, a career in professional sales is one of the hardest there is. For the best though, the rewards are very real. We have built our reputation on selecting only the highest calibre of graduates, so the process in getting a job is tough. To be successful you will need to be:

• Bright

• Confident

• Determined

• Ambitious

• Competitive

• Hard Working

• A Great Communicator

• Tenacious

If you can demonstrate these characteristics with energy and professionalism you will be on the fast track to success.


Having the attributes that make a great sales person is all very well, however these need to be nurtured. All the companies 1st Place deals with have structured training programs, some of which are designed and run by 1st Place, that are befitting of the very best Graduate talent out there.

What you will get from 1st Place

We have built our reputation on selecting only the highest calibre of graduates, so the process in getting a job is tough, but those who get through will have demonstrated the attitude and commitment required to become a high achiever.

As a 1st Place Graduate you will be in contact with some of the most entrepreneurial companies out there. You will have access to roles available nowhere else with firms that value what a talented Graduate can bring to their team.

Before, during and after the interview process you will receive advice from our highly trained team on CV writing, interview technique and how to secure that sought after career. Post placement we are on hand to provide help and advice on anything from finding accommodation through to additional sales tips.

You are our product and we take great pride in our Graduates and Clients and always go that extra mile to make your career, and our clients businesses, successful.

How to Apply

When you apply you will be contacted by a 1st Place consultant to conduct a 1st stage interview. If you pass this stage you will be invited along for interview at our offices in London. This is the most crucial step in the process. Why? In order to help you secure a role that will offer what you are looking for we need to meet you and not only assess you to see if you are suitable for a role with one of our clients.

Once you have passed this interview you will be given direct contact with the client and could be offered a job within 24 hours.