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Our company in a nutshell

Adstream was founded in Australia in 2001 to provide digital asset management and distribution services to the global advertising community. Initially Adstream focused on Television and Radio commercial distribution and digital asset management. Today the company develops and provides easy-to-use web-based tools designed to improve the workflow of entire advertising campaigns from concept to distribution and asset management. In 2003 Adstream UK was appointed by the BACC, the UK's television regulator, to develop and commission an online approval system and has also achieved remarkable success in the television and radio asset management market.

The Adstream service involves the digitisation, storage, and large-scale distribution of millions of digital video and audio files throughout the advertising supply chain. Adstream users are able to access their valuable media content online and rely upon robust storage and a dedicated fibre network for delivery.

Adstream's online tools simplify complex workflow processes, adding value to agency clients, production and post-production houses, regulators and media outlets. More information is available at

To apply please mail your CV and covering letter to

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