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Our company in a nutshell

Alfa is the leading provider of software systems and consultancy to the UK asset and consumer finance industries. We have over 300 employees worldwide and an unrivalled track record of project delivery.

We have been expanding rapidly throughout Europe and North America. We have been delivering successful projects for our customers since 1990.

Alfa Systems, our top of the range technology platform, is embedded at the heart of blue-chip clients’ organisations worldwide. The quality of our client base is evidence of the excellence that has driven Alfa forward, and includes names such as Siemens Financial Services, Nordea Finans, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and Toyota Financial Services.

Case studies


BSc Mathematics, Imperial College London

University presented a huge range of career options, but none had quite the day-to-day challenge of working closely with high-profile clients and delivering real changes to improve business processes as IT consulting does.

My graduate career at Alfa commenced with an intensive training regime in autumn 2013. Training covered a range of industry concepts, from the basics of software coding to accounting principles, leaving me well prepared for IT consulting in the asset finance industry. After four weeks in the training room at Alfa’s City headquarters, it was out into the real world of work for my first client project.

Since training, I have worked on many projects across four high-profile client projects across London, allowing me to meet and work with new people and cultures. On every client project, I have been part of a small and dynamic team where the work ethos is collaborative and supportive. As the team sizes are small, consultants are given real responsibilities and carry Alfa’s valuable brand with their work. One of the best things about working at Alfa is seeing your work being delivered to your current client project, and making a direct impact on their business.

Recently I was given an incredible opportunity of leading an infrastructure upgrade and migration project which was over 100 working days. This involved my working collaboratively with our client and their respective technology suppliers, enabling me to gain a deeper understanding of how complex financial IT systems fit together. Currently, I am working on delivering a new Europe-wide payments system for the same client and will soon be working with them to ensure they meet new regulatory requirements and accounting standards. Working on very diverse projects such as technology infrastructure, business functions and financial regulations enables consultants to gain and maintain a broad skills base.

Working with technology can be challenging. However, Alfa does not require graduates to have technical programming or computing backgrounds, and this allows for a diverse and varied workforce. I had studied Mathematics at university, and the challenge of learning new programming methods and computing ideas allows me to continue developing throughout my graduate career.

The work-life balance at Alfa is second to none. Most consultants work between 9am and 6pm, and working late is rare, only occurring when project deadlines approach. Alfa also hosts company away days every quarter, enabling consultants to have an enjoyable day discovering how other client projects are progressing and partaking in fun team-building exercises.

I would definitely recommend applying for graduate opportunities at Alfa as I have been able to work on fascinating projects, meet and interact with a broad range of people, and develop as an individual both personally and professionally.


BSC Chemistry with Management: Imperial College London

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I graduated from university, but I knew I wanted to put my logical thinking to good use in an environment where I could work in a team and was continually challenged. Alfa provides the perfect platform for this with project-based work exposing graduates to a mixture of finance, business and technology, a combination which I found to be unique when applying for graduate jobs! After studying Chemistry at Imperial College, I joined in 2016 with a group of graduates from a range of different degree disciplines. I had no previous technical experience, but the initial training course equips you with what you need to know. The learning curve is initially steep and challenging, but the training is delivered by really smart and supportive people and learning about new technologies and the asset finance industry was very interesting.

One of the things I have enjoyed about Alfa is the large range of roles available in implementation projects and the sense of involvement I have felt since day one. My first role involved directly coding software enhancements for a client which gave me insight into how our product works and enabled me to develop my coding skills. Although this seemed daunting at first, people at Alfa are very friendly and approachable, so I found myself seeking and gaining knowledge from people at all seniority levels, from consultant to director.

My second role allowed me to work at the client office, getting involved in user acceptance testing of the software. This entails dealing with any issues the client raises when they perform tests representative of what would occur in real-life scenarios. It was great to gain client exposure early on in my career and it gave me a chance to see how an asset finance company works. The client has just gone live with the software, so I am currently immersing myself in the new challenges that emerge when a large volume of people use the system simultaneously.

One of my favourite aspects of Alfa is the company culture and the work hard, play hard attitude of the people. Every three months we have a company meeting where everyone gets the chance to get up to speed on what’s going on in other projects and around the company. After this we usually take part in some fun activity such as mini golf, football and even cycling around the Olympic Velodrome! The most recent event was turned into a company-wide Hackathon where everyone was allowed to work on a project or idea of their own, which really brought home the collaborative and innovative nature of the people at Alfa. Although I have only been at the company for a short time, I’ve met some fantastic people, taken up dodgeball, been involved with some really varied work, and I’m excited to further develop my career here.

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