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Our company in a nutshell

About AVPT Ltd:

The Academy of Vocational and Professional Training school is a growing, dynamic, forward and innovative organisation with a global opportunity to expand it m-Learning Soft skills courses throughout the Life Long Learning Sector. The Founder and CEO Diane Shawe is looking to extend their team of qualified Virtual Tutors to help support student online and in our fast track classroom workshops around the world,

At Academy of Vocational and Professional Training, we are passionate about mobile education and lifelong blended learning. That is why we have developed our e-Training products to serve as a complete training solution to deliver high quality blended learning. We've already completed the preparation work for you and if you are currently planning on a gap year or looking to start a new career, we have all the materials you need.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a training course. Designing, researching, writing, and finding the right image. It takes even more time to create an on-line learning system to work fluently with various technologies. So we have created the most up to date and state of the art LMS. A cost effective way to upgrade individual skills and organisation. Our Services will save time; training costs and allow organisations and developing countries to go or stay green! Less paper, less ink, less stress! It can be difficult to meet the needs of all employees with different schedules, language & geographical demands and needs. Flexibility, Scalability empowering staff to become multi skilled.

We supply a wide selection of Soft Skills topics; everything from Conflict Resolution, to Time Management, to a library of Train-the-Trainer titles, to the essentials for your workplace. We also supply quality training in Technology, Management, and Leadership through to personal development.

Our training materials have been recognised as achieving a very high standard and have gained international accreditation with the IAO, so all our courses and certificates are recognised around the world.

The Opportunity:

An opportunity exists for individuals around the world to invest and qualify as one of our leading Virtual Tutor Facilitators in this exciting, genuine and authentic proposition that will supply qualified individuals with students directly into their smartphones or tablets anywhere in the world.

There are three different roles: VTF Associate (work with online students only) VTF Independent (work with online and classroom students) Master VTF (Must qualifiy as VTF Ind. And upon invitation only train other VTF’)

See Job description for more detail

Our Mission:

To establish, preserve and promote the finest LMS and face to face educational standards worldwide that can be accessible to all globally.

To use our expertise and resources to support individual study, life long learning by bringing education directly into the hands of communities and businesses in general to enhance the quality and impact of teaching and the learning experience.

Our Priority:

To inspire and support effective practice in E-learning and V-teaching

Supporting individual disciplines and promoting interdisciplinary

To deliver a Professional Standard

Address Challenges & Encourage Innovation

To recognise, reward and credit excellence

Award Globally recognised certificates

To reach as many aspects of the community

To influence national and international policy

To develop an effective sustainable organisation that is relevant to and valued by higher education.

Our Values:


Applying expertise and knowledge to push boundaries and foster a culture of innovation.


Collaborating with individuals, groups and institutions to transform the student learning experience. Working for the public good providing transparency, accountability and value for money.


To ensuring an equality of opportunity and treating all others with respect by taking responsibility for our actions.

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