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Bootham School York

Our company in a nutshell

About Us:

A Bootham education is about more than knowledge, skills and paper qualifications. Moral principles and a positive view of the world and its people play as much of a part in daily school life as the educational outcomes, important as they undoubtedly are.

That's because of Bootham's founding Quaker ethos, and a belief that each person has the capacity for goodness and a responsibility to attain that goodness. From the youngest child in Bootham Junior School nursery, to the most senior member of staff, there is, we believe, 'that of God' in everyone.

Comments below are from the Independent Schools Inspectorate report on Bootham School, January 2014

The school successfully meets it aims. Throughout the school, the pupils' academic achievements are good and their achievement in activities is excellent. In the EYFS, children's achievements are excellent. Pupils of all ages make good progress, including those with SEND, EAL or who are more able, where progress is often rapid. Pupils in all part of the school are well supported by good quality teaching.

The pupils' personal development is excellent at all ages. Their spiritual development is outstanding. They have extremely high levels of moral and social awareness and a strong sense of right and wrong. They demonstrate a high degree of mutual respect and support. Pupils of all ages willingly take on responsibility and service both within and beyond the school community, and take seriously the need to play their part in working towards a better world, in line with Quaker testimonies. The arrangements for pastoral care and for welfare, health and safety are excellent and play a significant part in promoting the pupils' all-round development. The quality of boarding is excellent and boarders gain much from the experience.

Following its Quaker principles, Bootham School encourages its students to be creative thinkers, peacemakers and confident humanitarians. We hope that, while they are at School, and afterwards, they will contribute to responsive and responsible public leadership in the world.

Since the School was founded on moral principles, our students learn their academic lessons in an informal, supportive setting before going on to live their moral lessons for the rest of their open-minded, confident, enquiring lives. That's why we say a Bootham education begins at the age of three and lasts a lifetime.

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