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Bright Future

Our company in a nutshell

About Us:

To understand Bright Future Software you need to come with us on our journey. A journey of a company that is experiencing high growth whilst making a big contribution to the British economy by creating long-term high skilled jobs in the North West region.

Bright Future's business objective is to be the largest and most successful provider of onshore software development in the UK within a few short years.

Bright Future's mission is based around actively incubating and developing local talent with an emphasis on ability and diversity, creating long-term job opportunities for young people, and enabling them to succeed in the High Tech Industry.

The software and application development sector, worldwide, is experiencing very high growth and forecasts are for continued high growth.

The shortage of Software Developers is a key problem to companies entering the software development sector within the UK. This shortage has helped to fuel offshore development of software and applications in recent years rather than doing the development here in the UK.

Bright Future have not just a vision of how the future could look different, but a solution to this problem that includes developing British youth talent in a way not seen before now. This model will expedite Bright Future's growth to enable it to achieve its business objective.

Bright Future was founded two years ago, in 2012, and incorporates Bright Future Software (BFS) and My Futures Bright (MFB). Bright Future has created 192 jobs since July 2012 and will create an additional 253 jobs before the end of 2014. 90% of these jobs are in software development and the majority of these jobs are in the 16-19 year old age group from the Greater Manchester area.

By growing our own youth workforce, employing a robust training and retention programme for all staff with specific industry and product training for software developers, we underpin our growth strategy. After a two year period our employees may be eligible for a computer related degree from Manchester Metropolitan University.

We are also very focused on growing our business within the local SME sector. Our current clients include local blue chips from the technology and media sectors.

Founder and CEO Eudie Thompson's vast experience and uncompromising attitude toward quality and cost effectiveness, not to mention the highest levels of talent, equips the company with an intelligent and progressive growth strategy.

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