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Our company in a nutshell

Who we are

We are the UK’s leading business process outsourcing (BPO) and professional services company. We deliver back office administration and front office customer contact services to private and public sector organisations across the UK and Ireland. Our flexible structure enables us to deliver multiple services to individual clients, and multiple services across multiple markets, highly efficiently.

Leading player in business process outsourcing

The demand for BPO continues to be driven by the public sector’s need to deliver quality, cost efficient services and the private sector’s requirement to remain competitive and innovative. We focus on meeting the individual needs of our clients and delivering measurable service improvement and value.

As a result of our success in this market, we have grown consistently over the last 28 years and continually look to new market areas to ensure our long term leading position. The UK BPO market continues to generate a wide range of opportunities to fuel Capita’s future growth and we continue to influence the shape of the BPO market, delivering both traditional outsourcing and transformational outsourcing to our clients.

Industry analysts estimate the total UK potential market at £117bn per annum, with only 7% outsourced so far*.

*Source: IDC

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