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Leadership in the workplace is about responsibility, not how much you earn or how many staff you have. Employers want workers who show initiative, positivity and responsibilities for the tasks they are given and the role they perform.

What is leadership?

Being a leader in the workplace isn\'t about being the boss. Leadership is about taking responsibility for your actions and the progress of the company - not shouting and ranting at people you think are weaker. Yes, motivating others and directing the team also falls under the leadership skill set, but leadership is also about how you present yourself.

If you are assertive, present a positive image and lead on ideas and feedback, then you are likely to be the sort of leadership candidate that companies want.

Why do employers want leadership?

Employers need workers with leadership because they need to be able to delegate work down the employee chain. Taking the initiative and making decisions is vital at all levels of a company - not just at senior management level.

There are several different types of leader in the workplace, from those that want to be in control of all decision making to those who lead by bringing the right people into the decision-making process. Leadership can be both autocratic and democratic.

How can you show you have it?

The main way to show leadership is by being one. Talk about times when you led a group discussion or managed a project. If you have been secretary of a sports club or a team captain, think about how you went about your role and how you motivated your team.

If you haven\'t had direct experience of being in charge of people or projects, think about a time when you\'ve been put under pressure to complete a project and had to take responsibility. For example, have you ever had to cover for a manager in a part-time job? Have you ever had to coordinate your revision or coursework to meet deadlines?

How is leadership used in the world of work?

Leadership is used to manage staff levels and improve productivity in the workplace. Leaders are able to take charge of situations and make sure the job gets done. The best leader may not always be the person in charge, but rather the employee who best motivates and inspires enthusiasm.

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