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An individual is only as good as the team around them, goes the saying. Being able to work effectively as part of team and fit into a team ethic is a vital skill for most employers.

What is teamwork?

Teamwork is about making sure every member of your working team feels valued, understands their roles and contributes effectively to the team goal. It\'s also about getting a job done quicker by dividing projects into bite-sized chunks.

Team work can be anything from the following:

  • Delegating tasks to the right people with the right skills

  • Making sure everyone understands their role and responsibilities

  • Giving constructive feedback and support

  • Creating enthusiasm and initiative within a team

  • Why do employers want teamwork skills?

    Employers want teamwork skills because they need employees to be able get on well with their existing staff and be able to get the best out of themselves and others. Teamwork skills are closely related to communication skills, allowing you to forget about your own personal desires for the good of the company when it comes to negotiating, advising and interpreting issues in the work place.

    A team of average skilled workers will often be more efficient than a bunch of skilled individuals.

    How can you show you have it?

    There are many examples of good teamwork that you should be able to use, such as working on a group project at university, participating as part of a successful sports team or explaining how you resolved a disagreement as part of a group of friends.

    If you are asked to participate in a group discussion as part of an interview, remember that good teamwork isn\'t about shouting the loudest or speaking the most. Most successful teams have members with different roles and skills.

    How is it used in the world of work?

    Effective teamwork in the workplace is used to ensure that big projects get done on time and effectively. A good team will work in a supportive, informal atmosphere where each member feels encouraged and able to say what they think without risk.

    A good team will listen to each other and take on board each other's opinions, before coming up with the best and most time-effective solution for the group. Most important, a good team will learn from any disagreements and problems and grow from the experience.

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