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Our company in a nutshell

CGGVeritas is the world’s leading international pure-play geophysical company delivering a wide range of technologies, services and equipment through Sercel, to its broad base of customers mainly throughout the global oil and gas industry.

Geophysical Equipment is developed and marketed by Sercel, the leading manufacturer of land and marine geophysical equipment including high-tech, integrated electronic recording systems, cables, land, ocean-bottom and borehole sensors, streamers, offshore seismic sources and vibrators.

Geophysical Services cover offshore and onshore seismic acquisition, seismic data processing & imaging, as well as reservoir management. Offshore, CGGVeritas operates the industry’s leading fleet with 19 seismic vessels offering the most flexible variety of towing configurations to suit client requirements. Onshore, a potential capacity of 25 land and shallow water crews provide high-end and high-channel count acquisition capabilities, in any location around the globe.

Through our seabed specialists, we offer an advanced suite of seabed seismic services. CGGVeritas also owns a recent vintage, well positioned library of multi-client land and marine seismic data.

CGGVeritas is a recognized leader in data processing & imaging services, made available via a worldwide network of 28 open seismic data processing centers and 15 client-dedicated centers. Our geovation software, evolved from over 35 years of expertise and continuous innovation, is the benchmark software for advanced seismic data processing and imaging.

Through Hampson-Russell Software & Services, we offer a full range of world-class geophysical interpretation software and reservoir characterization services aimed at enhancing our customers' knowledge of their prospects and reservoirs. Hampson-Russell software makes sophisticated technology easily accessible by the working geophysicist and has an installed base of more than 1400 licences at over 500 petroleum and service companies worldwide.

CGGVeritas has 110 years of combined operating experience and a recognized track record of technological leadership in the science of geophysics. The company is therefore well placed to capitalise on the growing importance of seismic as a key technology for enhancing the E&P performance of its broad base of clients which includes independent, international and national oil companies.

CGGVeritas has a total workforce of approximately 7,000 staff operating worldwide, including Sercel. The company is incorporated in France, with executive offices located in Paris.

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