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Childrens Workforce Development Council

Our company in a nutshell

When it comes to finding the right career, everyone's looking for the Holy Grail: a job that's well-rewarded, intellectually challenging, and also provides the opportunity to make a real difference to people's lives.Social work with children and families is just such a profession. Every day requires you to make use of your judgement, your compassion and your imagination. Every day you have a chance to change someone's life for the better. There aren't many careers that offer that.Of course, social work with children and families is also an extremely challenging career, since you will be on the front line facing some of the most emotionally complex problems society has to offer.

Which is why your next step would be to apply for a two-year Masters degree in social work, which includes a minimum of 200 days practical experience.To learn more about a Masters in social work, please click the apply link below to find out more.There are grants and tuition fee loans available for Postgraduate study. You can find out more about these on our website. There is also a social work bursary scheme available from the NHS Business Services Authority .There are few careers as rewarding as social work with children and families and there is no-one better placed to tell you why than current social workers themselves. Take Emma for example. She's a social worker who loves her job and feels privileged to protect children. Click here to hear her story.

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