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College of Policing

Our company in a nutshell

About Us:

Modern Forces face very different challenges to those encountered during the early days of policing. Transformational changes are being made to deliver savings and reduce crime, and increasingly complex security threats are being met head on. The College of Policing was established to ensure that all officers and staff have the right knowledge and skills to tackle these challenges. And now they're fostering a new generation of leadership, equipped to deliver quality policing across the 43 Forces in England and Wales.

If you're an aspiring leader, our world-class development schemes offer a chance to impact on lives and society in a way you never thought possible. It's a national, accelerated programme that will equip you with the skills to advance from the rank of Constable to Inspector within just three years.

The programme combines classroom learning (delivered at a regional training centre) with operational training at your local Force. You'll be given everything that you need to progress and shown how to put that learning into practice, with plenty of support from an established team of colleagues.

It won't suit everyone: you'll need to be ambitious, determined and realistic about what's required of you. Being a Police Officer is not a 9 to 5 job. You'll be expected to tackle dangerous situations head on. The hours are unpredictable; the shifts can be long. You'll have to justify (and account for) every action to ensure that you're working ethically and to the high standards that the public expect.

If you're looking for a leadership role within a meaningful career, you can find out more about these cutting-edge opportunities at

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