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Customer Systems

Our company in a nutshell

Real responsibility - international travel - £46k package in 6 months

Customer Systems is a highly specialised IT consulting firm operating alongside suppliers of leading application software packages. Our particular areas of expertise are in the Siebel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application software available from Oracle Corporation, including Siebel Analytics and the Actuate information delivery tools embedded in Siebel and other software products.

Based in Chertsey, Surrey and with an office in New Jersey, USA, our work has so far encompassed 28 countries in 4 continents.

We do not seek to resemble other consulting organisations. We strive to find new and better ways of doing things. Our key differentiators are extreme expertise, dedication to mission and integrity.

Our customers are typically the pre-eminent organisations in every vertical sector. 19% of the latest worldwide customer list in the Siebel annual report have called on us for our skills.

We are actively recruiting truly exceptional graduates for various start dates.

Employee Profiles

"I'm from a business background, but I'm glad that didn't put me off applying to Customer Systems! It isn't about having loads of programming in your background: if you can break a problem down and solve it, there's no reason you can't be as successful here as someone with a Masters in Computing.The training was tough, as I'd never seen some of the technologies before, but you get to dig around in the application and really build your understanding. I learn best when I get to do a lot of my own investigation, so it was just what I was looking for.Having been here for a while now, I get to do requirements gathering and business meetings with stakeholders, but I also still get to do the technical stuff I really enjoy. I think I have a nice mix, and my advancement shows that the clients are happy with my work. Clients often come to me as a first point of contact on other problems, because they really trust me as an expert, which is satisfying.I've recently been made Principal Consultant, so obviously the next step is Managing Consultant. At the moment I'm really focussed on my current project, and I want to see it through to completion, but it's great to know that the opportunity is there for me to strive for in future.When I'm at clients' sites, I notice that the roles and levels I'm dealing with on a daily basis are much higher than graduates of my age that I've come across. As a consultant at Customer Systems there is much higher responsibility and with it much higher respect. It's brilliant- a job that gets you straight in there." Richard, Principal consultant, Loughborough University, BSc Management Sciences

"I wanted to work for a smaller consultancy with shorter projects, because I thought that moving from project to project more frequently would give me more variety. I joined less than a year ago, and I've already worked on seven projects.

When I joined, I didn't expect to have as much responsibility as I do now. As a relatively new joiner, I expected to be stuck in the background for a while, doing the more mundane tasks - but in fact I was dealing directly with clients right from the outset. I'd only been here seven months when I found myself managing a project.

The training is great for teaching you how to be an expert in the software. But it can't teach you what you need to know about each individual project you go on to, so you have to pick things up quickly on the job. That's one of the most challenging parts of the role, but the exposure to all these different projects in different industries is one of the best things about working here." Jayanud, Senior Consultant, Imperial College London, MEng Information Systems Engineering

"After university I considered many positions including some pure programming jobs in the defence sector where I had carried out two summer placements. But I was worried about getting pigeon-holed as a programmer, and consultancy appealed because of the variety of projects. Customer Systems attracted me as a smaller consultancy where I would get noticed, and get more interesting roles. I was surprised to be given so much responsibility straight away, but I was right about getting noticed in a smaller company - there really is no room for dead wood. You're thrust into the thick of the action and expected to handle pretty much any situation.My role has changed in the time I've been here: from a purely application based role to being technical lead, involved in much more of the business analysis and project management. Day to day I now spend a lot more time in business-related meetings, finding out exactly what businesses need, and, because of my experience, advising them.I also have the added responsibility of managing junior consultants. You do get to be involved in some of their development, which is rewarding, but then again sometimes they're so prepared and ready they don't need any help!Having worked here for 4 ½ years I would say that the best thing about Customer systems is the challenges you face on each new project, and the opportunity to take them on. I've also really enjoyed travelling to a great number of countries. " James, Managing consultant, York University, MEng Computer Systems & Software Engineering

"The training wasn't long and drawn out and I was quickly working on real projects. The training is not a step by step guide. It's not supposed to be. My first assignment was a two week project with other more experienced consultants, but there were a lot of skills to pick up that no amount of training teaches you. You have to pick up the skills of working with the client and adapting to the situation as you go. I've now done lots of projects, many in small groups or on my own, but I'm currently on a project with 9 other consultants which is a completely different experience.I've done projects for the finance, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and software industries.Customer Systems sponsored me for a work visa to work here in the UK. It is great to find a company who will take you on because you're the best candidate instead of ignoring you because there might be paperwork to allow you to work here.Lots of companies will just hold your hand, regardless of how talented you are. Here, if you want it, you get real experience. Consultancy doesn't get boring." Dave, Senior Consultant, MSc Physics, University of Illinois

"I really wanted to work for a firm that offered lots of customer interaction, instead of just sitting in an office writing lots of code for people I've never seen. After 11 weeks at Customer Systems, I'm not doing one project, but several in parallel. I'm currently working with two different event management companies, a government agency, and starting next week with a manufacturing company.You have to work hard in the initial training, but it's very rewarding. I like to think I'm a natural programmer, and I had some technical work experience from a placement in an accountancy firm. Customer Systems is different: a lot more formal, more structured and much more customer oriented.I went to a client site last week to understand the needs of users and to see how they put what I'm doing into real use. Already I am meeting very senior level clients who are really demanding of the product and expect real results.I know how career progression is laid out at Customer Systems and I'm looking forward to climbing the ladder to more senior roles." Rob, Application Consultant, BSc Computer Science, University of Nottingham.

"As part of my degree I did a year in industry, and I decided then that I wanted to be involved in the business as well as the technical side of computer science. Customer Systems particularly attracted me because, as a small company, there is a lot of exposure early on in your career.The first project I worked on was 9 months long, and I stayed at the company to do the test and support after completion of the project. It was a major experience for me, with real responsibility because I was the only consultant there. I'm now working on another large project involving multiple releases and have taken on the leadership of one stream in that overall project. The best thing is we're building from scratch, not working from someone else's plan, so I have a real input, and get to see my own designs put to use.I'm happy with my career progression so far, and my role in the company. I feel I have advanced with every new project. I can see myself taking on more responsibility and more management functions in the future. Clients know that Customer Systems' consultants really know what they're doing, and I enjoy working for a company which has such a good reputation." Mark, Principal Consultant, BEng Computer Science, University of York

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