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Our company in a nutshell

We're a company dedicated wholly to achieving health through food. And not only that: we want our mission to benefit people of every age, in every social and cultural environment and in every part of the world - as many people as possible. Join a company that wants to make a difference.

Who we are

Danone is a French multinational food-products corporation based in Paris and founded in Barcelona, Spain. We have research and production facilities around the world, with approximately 100,000 employees.

Careers with us

Ever since the merger of BSN and Gervais Danone in 1973, this belief in a different style of company has led the company to develop its very own identity. This extends as far as our management style, which combines both business and strong ethical values. These values guide the way we behave every day, the way we work and progress in our business, the way we connect with our communities, and the way we develop people.

Danone recruits employees looking for fulfilment and ready to embark on a long-term journey. Employees, on the other hand, join Danone with a view to learning and contributing to a healthier world. With support and guidance, they are responsible for shaping their own career and contributing to the performance of the business.

Each employee is encouraged to shape their career path by alternating between the various functions, contexts and cultures. Mobility is decided by mutual agreement with the employee, taking into account both their aspirations in terms of career progression and the needs of the organisation. Generally speaking, a Danone employee changes positions every 3 years.

Danone focuses on the development and progression of its local and regional talents. Various programmes are available to boost Danone employees' careers through intra-zone exchanges that enable young talents to go to another country of their region for a 3 to 6 months assignment.

Internships & placements

If you are an undergraduate looking for experience in a global company, many of our regions offer internships that will allow you to grow and learn. Choosing to go for an internship at Danone is deciding to join a great adventure. You will integrate a company which strongly believes in the power of on-the-job learning.

With a strong support from your hierarchy, you will be able to accomplish great things. Your journey will be supported with the attention and help you need, but the finality is up to you: you can be proactive on projects you would like to construct or co-construct, you can propose solutions and feedback… We will always give you the tools and space to grow.

Explore more about our graduate opportunities HERE.


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