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Disney English

Our company in a nutshell

About Us:

Give the gift of language.

Imagine having the chance to inspire children and guide them on the road to success. At Disney English, you'll be working in China to help children develop a passion for the English language using Disney's award winning curriculum, innovative technology and with the support of our beloved characters and stories. You'll help shape their futures, and build rewarding relationships with them along the way.

From discovering a new culture to working with a company that has been recognized for family entertainment for over 85 years, decades of which have supported English language learning, Disney English offers a unique opportunity to make a world of difference in a child's future.

Whether you're working inside a learning centre or in our corporate office, you will be part of a collaborative, engaging, dynamic environment that values teamwork and recognizes the extraordinary efforts of its team members. Our growing community offers opportunities to be part of after-work social activities, summer events, and travelling through China.

Bring your unique personality, humour, talent and passion to Disney English. As a Foreign Academic cast member, you'll genuinely connect with your learners as they develop their skills and immerse themselves in the English language. At Disney English, you'll engage children's imaginations and be part of a learning experience that is truly extraordinary.

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