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ECSA Global

Our company in a nutshell

About ECSA Global:

ECSA Global's goal is to transform today's local business-major students and young professionals into global leaders of tomorrow. Our Business in China Summer Programme is founded on innovation, flexibility and international outlook, tailored to a humanistic perspective that puts the individual's professional growth at the core of our priorities.

Our Experience / Expertise:

Great things come out of passion. When we formed our organisation we were stimulated by a need to improve the way international education works. We assembled an experienced, multi-cultural team, formed our vision and started spreading it. We gained an exclusive partnership with the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and soon also gained trust of many diverse participants. Today, ECSA Global provides quality international education with a strong emphasis on career development. We have experience in working with academic institutions and businesses globally. Our unique Business in China Summer Programme, combining business courses at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and an internship experience, has proven to have deep professional impact.

Our Vision:

ECSA Global's previous industry experience has taught us that the prospects of business in the globalised market is drawing new and challenging itineraries. Proactively, ECSA Global has designed a programme that we combine quality education with professional resources such as internships, access to business networks, and intercultural experience; all at an economically fast-growing international environment in order to help maximize the value of time spent abroad.

Our Programme:

ECSA Global's approach to international education is manifested through our flagship programme: the Business in China Summer Programme. For eight weeks, the participants gain high quality business education delivered by academics and business people, complete a meaningful internship, and participate in many business-oriented events including networking events, guest speakers, and corporate visits.

Our Team/Staff:

At ECSA Global we are well aware that going abroad might be daunting challenge that only efficient and effective support can turn it into a rewarding achievement. Accordingly, we, at ECSA Global, we provide comprehensive pre-arrival assistance and materials that cover virtually any aspect of our programmes, answering many potential questions from cost of living to cultural nuances. For programmes requiring a visa, such as the Business in China Summer Programme, we also provide comprehensive support on the visa obtaining process and timely produce and deliver all necessary documentation issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Additionally, Our professional teams at our Shanghai and Berlin offices are always ready to answer any of our potential, current and previous participants' inquiries, or provide face-to-face consultation and other necessary assistance.


ECSA Global's choice of Shanghai as the location for the Business in China Summer Programme was not a coincidence. With 23 million people, a booming economy, significant expatriate population, and world-renowned nightlife, Shanghai has become a world-class city on par with New York, Tokyo, London and Paris. This city simply never disappoints (or sleeps). The numerous resources for English speakers such as a free 24/7 city information/translation hotline make everything very accessible. Admittedly, it would be extremely difficult to try to keep up with everything going on in this bustling metropolis.

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