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This job has now expired.
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Conservation Volunteering Abroad

Salary: Competitve

Location: Worldwide

Application Deadline: EXPIRED

Job Type: Work placement

Contract Type: Temporary

The job

Summary of the job role

About the role:

Frontier Wildlife across the globe is reducing at an alarming rate and many species that we know and love are at risk of extinction; elephants, tigers, rhinos, lions, pandas, sloths, jaguars and many more. In the last 40 years animal populations have declined by an average of 52%. Why? Loss of habitat is the primary threat, with these areas facing increasing pressure from development of urban areas, unsustainable agriculture and logging and pollution. Over half of our forests have already disappeared with the equivalent of 36 football fields lost every minute. Wildlife poaching is an increasing problem, with rhino poaching increasing from 13 killed per year in 2007, to over 1000 in 2013, that's three a day. Elephants are faring no better, with 22,000 killed in 2012 alone, that is almost three an hour.

Frontier Wildlife conservation programmes are vitally important in the effort to protect species and their habitats. Frontier runs several conservation programmes, working in some of the most biodiverse but threatened areas on the planet. Volunteers support our trained scientific researchers in collecting baseline data and monitoring changes in biodiversity, contributing to the protection of threatened wildlife and ecosystems, whilst having the privilege of observing wildlife in its natural habitat. Data collected on these projects is used to inform and educate governments, businesses and communities responsible for the protection of these areas and species.

To apply for a project, visit our website, click the "Apply Now" button and fill in the application form. One of our volunteer advisers will give you a call back to help you find the perfect wildlife conservation placement.

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