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Our company in a nutshell

Halcrow is a multi-disciplinary consultancy specialising in the provision of planning, design and management services for infrastructure development worldwide. Our interests include water, transportation, maritime and property, and the company is currently undertaking commissions in over 70 countries from a network of more than 70 offices.But that's only the tip of the iceberg. As a graduate entering our business, you'll find that the more you know about our business, the more you realise we've got to offer. Take a look at our portfolio of projects, and find that it contains some of the world's most prestigious infrastructure schemes. Then take a look at our track record and see that it lists formidable technical achievements alongside awesome scales and complex lifecycles. Finally, take a look at our people, and see a workforce united in the ambition to do what it takes to deliver the right solution.Put simply, we don't see obstacles, just challenges.Add to that our strong commitment to creating a positive environmental and social legacy, and you've got a company which doesn't just change infrastructures but also communities, individual lives and the face of the developing and developed worlds. And we've got the same commitment to our own people - as evidenced by the fact that we're an independent company owned by a trust (approximately 67 per cent) and our employees (the remaining 33 percent).So, why not find out more about our business and the jobs on offer.Visit today.

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