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Our company in a nutshell

Heathrow inspires people. Every day about 76,500 people come here to work. People of all ages and from all sorts of different backgrounds. All brought together by one common goal – to make every journey better for over 70 million passengers a year.

Every day around 190,000 passengers rely on us for consistent quality service. Every day the nation’s economy relies on us for prospects, investment and growth. Every day local communities rely on us as an employer and careers provider.

Every day at the airport you’ll see something new, something different, something challenging, something amazing. It’s like a small city – fast moving, diverse, forward thinking – right at the heart of the nation’s global connections.

In the eyes of our passengers, Heathrow is getting better and better. As we continue to improve, we need people, from all walks of life, to go the extra mile for our passengers and our airlines. That’s why we’re investing millions of pounds a year developing our people, making us an employer of choice.

At Heathrow we take the safety and security of our passengers, partners and employees very seriously. To help us deliver on our commitment of health and safety we seek to:

• create a culture that is intolerant of accidents, incidents and poor performance

• establish safety as a core business value and promote ‘good safety is good business’

• make safety important and personal, so that it influences people’s actions and behaviours.

Over half of Heathrow staff work in security and are responsible for people and baggage screening, as well as general security around the airport. We work closely with Government agencies and other organisations at Heathrow to manage security across the airport, and keep it safe for all.

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