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HM Revenue

Our company in a nutshell

HMRC is much more than 'the tax man'. As well as collecting tax, we administer benefit payments, pay out tax credits and help to protect national interests.

We interact with all kinds of people, from businesses to individuals. In fact, almost everyone comes into contact with us at some point, which makes customer service central to everything we do. We have some challenging and fulfilling opportunities for graduates.

What we do

We are the UK's tax, payments and customs authority, and we have a vital purpose: we collect the money that pays for the country's public services and help families and individuals with targeted financial support. We do this by being impartial and increasingly effective and efficient in our administration. We help the honest majority to get their tax right and make it hard for the dishonest minority to cheat the system.

HMRC is a non-ministerial department, supported by two agencies and public bodies, the Valuation Office Agency and the Adjudicator's Office. We report to Parliament through our Treasury minister who oversees our spending.

We have three strategic objectives: to maximise revenues due and bear down on avoidance and evasion; to transform tax and payments for our customers; to design and deliver a professional, efficient and engaged organisation.

Working for HMRC

With 56,000 staff, who collectively help bring in more than £500 billion in tax revenues, from more than 45 million individuals and 5.2 million businesses, we are a major business with serious responsibilities.

Graduate programme

Our Tax Specialist Programme provides talented graduates with experience and responsibility, supported by mentoring, advice and supervision to gain tax professional qualifications.

Graduates receive a competitive salary while managing complex tax cases, negotiating with customers and their professional advisers and learning to lead and influence teams. At the end of the 4-year programme, there are opportunities to specialise and to move around HMRC.

For all the latest updates and to ask us any of your questions on the programme, follow the HMRC graduates page on Facebook.


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