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HMX Media

Our company in a nutshell

HMX Media is a specialist creative agency that delivers innovative visualization services to manufacturers, retailers and advertising agencies. We provide a wide range of digital design and production services across all media platforms.

With a large and diverse team of CG artists, designers, technical developers, compositors, retouching artists and research and development experts in the field of computer graphics, HMX is at the intersection of internet and film, pioneering new customer experiences in a rapidly growing area of digital media.

Our roots in consulting, design and technology development ensure HMX's work consistently reflects innovation and makes a genuine business difference. HMX is renowned for our expertise and ability to achieve stunning realism in computer graphics. As a result, HMX is a fertile environment for talented digital artists at all levels to learn and refine best practices production techniques and break new trail on ambitious projects.

With offices in London, Paris and Pune, HMX serves some of the best known brands in manufacturing, retail and advertising on a local, regional and global level. Our internal team of over 50 digital artists is well positioned to provide scalable solutions to manufacturers of products with relatively short lifecycles with large scale requirements.

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