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Job In A Second

Our company in a nutshell

Get Work Now

You decide when, where and how much you want to work for. We send jobs that match, to you instantly by text and email. It’s simple, free and there’s no commitment needed.

Join now and get busy.

How it works:

4 simple steps to get work when you want it

1. Create a profile

2. Receive jobs by SMS

3. Confirm your availability

4. Get working!

How does it work?

When employers need someone for a temporary or immediate job they let us know by posting it on our website. Immediately our system checks if the job matches your location, time and salary preferences and sends you the job details in a text and an email. Once you confirm your availability the employer will receive your contact details and get in touch with you directly to tell you where and when to be. Simple and quick.

How is it different from a normal job board?

Other job boards make you complete a CV for each position, send cover letters and can leave you wondering if the job is still available. Jobinasecond is different. Our matches are done quickly, based on your needs and the jobs that are available to you. Simple and Quick

No CV, no cover letters, no daily digests. Just simple job offers that are available where and when you want them!

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