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Helping you find a career as an Aid worker

Aid workers are based in areas of the world that have been hit by war, natural disaster and other environmental or developmental problems, and help to coordinate and provide emergency response programmes to tackle these crises.

What does an Aid worker do?
The responsibilities of an aid worker vary greatly, but typical tasks involve:
  • Assessing emergency situations and coordinating response programmes

  • Managing the implementation of emergency response programmes

  • Cooperating with local governments, groups and other organisations to alleviate emergency situations

  • Recruiting and managing staff

  • Organising induction, support and training for emergency volunteers

  • Ensuring knowledge of and compliance with national and international laws and procedures

  • Making presentations to donors, local authorities and humanitarian community activists
What skills and interests should an Aid worker have?
Most importantly, aid workers need enthusiasm and determination to tackle potentially major crises. They need to be able to plan a response effectively, and communicate and coordinate well with others in order to implement response programmes.This can make it useful if you speak several languages. Furthermore, good team working and diplomatic skills are crucial to this kind of work.
What hours does an Aid worker typically do?
Due to the nature of an aid worker's job, working hours may frequently be long and irregular. Crises often come unexpectedly and may take an extended period of time to address.
What environment is an Aid worker based in?
Aid workers are often stationed on the front line of emergency situations, making sure emergency programmes are carried out effectively. Alternatively, they may work behind the scenes in offices or travel as representatives for their agency.
How much does an Aid worker travel?
As above, aid workers are frequently dispatched to emergency situations around the globe.
How much does an Aid worker get paid?
Starting salaries for UK-based aid workers range from £18,000 to £25,000. Salaries for managerial and oversees posts can range from £25,000 to £50,000.
Perks & benefits
Although the sector is competitive, opportunities for management and consultancy positions typically open after several years of experience.
What qualifications does an Aid worker need?
Due to the competitive nature of the sector both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are highly desirable.
Useful subjects to study at school & university
Courses in economics, human rights, international development, languages and medicine are all appropriate.

Postgraduate courses in international development studies, international health management and aid management are also worth considering.
Further reading
Relevant work experience is essential to enter the sector. Most university students' unions offer volunteering opportunities, while charities such as British Red Cross and Oxfam offer many formal internship schemes. Oversees experience is also highly beneficial, although this may require self-funding. The Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) runs a programme for applicants with post-qualification experience.

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