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Helping you find a career as a Choreographer

Choreographers work to create dance routines for various performances including live shows, TV, films and special events. Normally, they specialise in a specific style of dance and teach the routines to the dancers directly.

What does a Choreographer do?
Although each project will be distinct, in general a choreographer's day involves:

  • Discussing preliminary ideas with the producer/artistic director of the event

  • Selecting music

  • Auditioning and selecting dancers

  • Teaching and rehearsing the routine

  • Selecting appropriate costumes/ hair/make-up

  • Promoting your services (if you’re working freelance)

  • Creating written copies of the routine with a notation system
What skills and interests should an Choreographer have?
  • Dance

  • Physical fitness

  • Verbal communication

  • Creativity

  • Passion
What hours does a Choreographer typically do?
Although there is no set hours for a choreographer, as they work when needed, during rehearsal periods you can expect to work long days. You may also be expected to attend the final evening performance or do additional work at weekends.
What environment is a Choreographer based in?
Although you would mostly work in dance studios, depending on the location of the production you could work anywhere from cruise ships to nightclubs.
How much does a Choreographer travel?
Again, depending on the productions you are involved in there may be very little travel or you may get the opportunity to travel around the world.
How much does a Choreographer get paid?
Due to the nature of their work, many choreographers work on a freelance basis, and as such are paid on a daily, rather than yearly, rate. The average daily rate of an entry level choreographer is around £125.

However, those with more experience, especially those working on large productions, can expect to earn around £40,000 a year.
What qualifications does a Choreographer need?
Although there are no set entry requirements, the vast majority of choreographers begin their careers as dancers themselves and as such have studied dance at either university or college.
Useful subjects to study at school & university
Physical education

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