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Helping you find a career as a Museum curator

In this role, you will get the chance to specialise in a particular subject or era. However, your day-to-day duties will typically consist of:

  • Planning, developing and displaying exhibitions

  • Searching for and buying items

  • Arranging restorations

  • Seeking and applying for loans/grants

  • Identifying artefacts

  • Cataloguing exhibitions and items

  • Responding to enquiries from the public, stakeholders and professionals

  • Searching for new items/exhibitions

  • Ensuring that the exhibitions are preserved in top condition

  • Preparing budgets

  • Writing supporting pieces for each exhibition (for both in the museum and online)

  • Hiring and training staff

What skills and interests should an Museum curator have?

  • Brilliant organisation skills

  • Ability to manage and work within a team

  • An understanding of museums

  • Good research skills

  • Great IT skills

  • A passion for the subject/era that you are curating

  • Attention to detail

  • Creativity

  • Negotiation skills. E.g. to secure loans and grants

- Ability to Work Under Pressure
- Attention to detail
- Creativity
- Handling Pressure
- Organisation
- Research skills
What hours does a Museum curator typically do?
This is usually a 9am-5pm weekday job, though you may need to work on evenings or at weekends around the launch of new exhibitions. You may also need to use your evenings for significant amounts of personal research.
What environment is a Museum curator based in?
You could be based in a museum, gallery or historic site.
How much does a Museum curator travel?
If there are items that you are interested in, then you may have to travel in order to negotiate with the owner. This could be nationally or internationally.
How much does a Museum curator get paid?
An entry-level salary for a curator will be between £16,000 and £19,250. But as soon as you get more experience in the workplace and demonstrate your ability to take responsibility for different exhibitions, your salary can increase to £26,000-£30,000.

Depending on the role and the amount of experience, your salary can eventually increase to £60,000.
Perks & benefits
You will often get privileged access to artefacts at your own institution and others, many of which will be off limits to the general public.
What qualifications does a Museum curator need?
This role requires the minimum of an undergraduate degree, but most employers will look for a postgraduate degree or a diploma.
Useful subjects to study at school & university

  • Anthropology

  • Ancient History

  • Archaeology

  • Art

  • Heritage Management

  • History

  • Zoology

  • Geology


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