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Helping you find a career as a Photographer

Specific tasks will vary based on the specialism you have chosen, but typical activities will include:

  • Discussing the requirements of the client

  • Researching prior to the shoot

  • Finding suitable locations

  • Working with a range of technical equipment to ensure the perfect shot

  • Directing models (if working with them)

  • Working with other professionals, such as graphic designers, editors or writers

  • Creating proofs for client’s approval

  • Producing albums or framed prints

  • Use software such as photoshop to create the perfect finish

  • Marketing yourself for new business

  • Managing your own business, including admin, invoicing and accounting

What skills and interests should an Photographer have?
  • Excellent technical skills

  • Creativity

  • Perseverance

  • Working to tight deadlines

  • Multitasking

  • Working both independently and interdependently

  • Friendly

- Ability to Work Under Pressure
- Creativity
- Dependability
- Perseverance
- Technical skills
What hours does a Photographer typically do?
The hours worked by a photographer are typically led by demand, so the hours worked depend on the type of photography you specialise in. For sports photographers it’s typical to work evenings and weekends, while wedding photographers can expect to work long hours in spring and summer, with a much quieter schedule over winter.
What environment is a Photographer based in?
In a studio or on location.
How much does a Photographer travel?
Depending on the field in which you work, some travel may be involved in this job. For example, wedding photographers will be expected travel to each wedding location, which could be the other end of the country or even abroad.
How much does a Photographer get paid?
Due to the nature of this profession, the salary you can expect will vary based on the type of work you undertake.

Many people begin as photography assistants, which provides a starting salary of around £10,000 a year.

For full time photographers with no experience an average salary is between £12,000 and £22,000 a year, which then increases to anywhere between £25,000 and £65,000 a year depending on experience and reputation.
What qualifications does a Photographer need?
Although there are no official education requirements to become a photographer, and some people do break into the profession without a degree, a degree is increasingly useful to demonstrate experience and talent.

For those interested in especially competitive areas, including fashion, photojournalism or advertising, a postgraduate qualification can be helpful to make you stand out.
Useful subjects to study at school & university

  • Photography

  • Graphics

  • Media studies

  • Digital imaging

  • Art and design/ fine art


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