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Helping you find a career as a Psychotherapist

A psychotherapist helps to treat individuals who are experiencing emotional and psychological problems and to make them understand the source of their difficulties and ways to make appropriate changes in their lives.

What does a Psychotherapist do?
As a psychotherapist, your daily responsibilities will include:

  • Meeting with clients both new and old

  • Scheduling therapy sessions

  • Performing therapy sessions in a clinical environment

  • Making notes on diagnosis, progress and therapy plan for individuals

  • Making referrals to other medical professions

  • Using verbal interaction to explore the relevant behaviours, attitudes and emotions of each patient

  • Construct personal therapy progress plans for each client that will help them to understand and address their inner conflicts

  • Working with a multidisciplinary team to treat individuals correctly

  • Develop clinical treatments (e.g. hypnotherapy)

What skills and interests should an Psychotherapist have?
A psychotherapist needs to be highly empathetic, a good listener and also able to establish a positive rapport with patients. You must be able to comfort vulnerable patients and also highly discreet with the confidential information which their patients reveal to them during their sessions.
- Integrity
- Patience
What hours does a Psychotherapist typically do?
Your working hours are likely to be Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, but depending what kind of environment you work in you may be expected to work extended hours. If you are employed by a residential setting, then you may be required to work shifts.
What environment is a Psychotherapist based in?
There are many different clinical environments in which a psychotherapist might be based. These can include: NHS Hospital Trusts, student health services, psychoanalytical institutes, child guidance clinics, special needs schools, psychiatric units and private consultancies.
How much does a Psychotherapist travel?
It is unlikely that you will need to travel beyond your local area within a working day, be absent from home at night or work overseas in this role.
How much does a Psychotherapist get paid?
Starting salaries for a trainee psychotherapist range from £26,250 to £35,250 per annum, and qualified psychotherapists can expect salaries in excess of £55,000 with a few years’ experience.
What qualifications does a Psychotherapist need?
You will be expected to have a degree of to be successful in this role, as entry is not possible with only an HND.

You will also need to have gained work experience in a relevant field - this could be in social work, mental health professions, psychology and psychiatry.
Useful subjects to study at school & university

  • Psychology

  • Nursing

  • Medicine

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Sociology

  • Social work


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