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Helping you find a career as a TV presenter

As a TV presenter you'd be the face of a TV show; be it the news, talk shows, music shows, or reality TV. You would introduce and host TV programmes, conducting interviews with guests and reporting on current affairs and events. You could work up to being the public face of national, international or local television programmes.

What does a TV presenter do?
The nature of the TV programme you might present obviously differs dramatically. However, there are general day-to-day tasks that all TV presenters have to do:

- Meet with the production team for a briefing of the running order

- Meet with the researchers to prepare your script for the show, discuss points of interest for interview questions and prepare for the guests

- Rehearse

- Present - which may involve reading from an autocue (you would be prepared for this in your rehearsal) and interviewing guests

- React to instructions given to you through an earpiece by the floor manager and/or director - this will often consist of telling you what camera to look at and when

- Go through several 'takes' if necessary

Obviously, live television presenting would be very different and consist of a lot of improvisation. However, the main duties would include:

- Thorough research into stories

- Preparing your own script

- Preparing contingency plans to get an interview on the path that you wish
What skills and interests should an TV presenter have?
In this industry clear communication with the camera crew and production team is key.

Other skills include.
- Communication
- Presentation Skills
- Research skills
- Self-Confidence
- Teamwork
What hours does a TV presenter typically do?
Your hours will depend on the filming schedule of the programme that you are working on. This may involve long hours late at night or early mornings. There is no set-in stone working week for a TV presenter.
What environment is a TV presenter based in?
You could be based in a well-lit, air-conditioned TV studio, or you could be filming in the outdoors in rainy conditions. It all depends on the programme that you are working on.
How much does a TV presenter travel?
This is down to the nature of the programme that you are working on. You may be in a fixed place, however, with most presenting jobs you get the opportunity to travel outside of the studio.
How much does a TV presenter get paid?
The average UK salary for a TV presenter is £42,500.
What qualifications does a TV presenter need?
There are no set education requirements for most presenting roles. However, some of the major media outlets may ask for a degree in journalism or media studies, or dependent on your programme, they may ask for more specialist degrees - for example, if you are presenting a technology show you may be required to have a degree in Computer Science.
Useful subjects to study at school & university
- English
- Drama
- Media Studies
- Social Sciences
- Law
- Journalism
- History
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