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Jordan Xavier

Our company in a nutshell

Jordan Xavier has been established for the last eleven years, providing accommodation and support to people leaving care. We offer floating support and supported accommodation to vulnerable young people who are experiencing difficulties in managing their home environment and who struggle to cope with living at home. The organisation provides accommodation through its own range of properties; Jordan Xavier has access to properties across the UK through its extensive network of providers.

We recognise that our staff are fundamental to our success. Jordan Xavier strives to retain staff of the highest calibre and a strategic, professional approach to recruitment is central to our business.

We take steps to ensure that employees feel involved in the working of the company and are aware that their opinions will be taken into account by management. We:

• Keep everyone informed about the business and how it’s doing.

• Talk to people about major changes and decisions before they happen or as part of the decision-making process.

• Communicate key decisions clearly and promptly.

• Provide a comfortable and safe working environment.

• Give employees training to enable them to do their job well and develop further in the future.

• Encourage people to work together as a team.

• Encourage people to ask for help or training when they need it.

• Take an interest in the lives of our employees as individuals.

Some of the rewards we offer for exceptional performance are:

• salaries, bonuses and commissions

• training courses

• flexible working opportunities

• holiday days

• team-building events

• opportunities for advancement or more varied work.

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