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Our company in a nutshell

About Lidl UK:

You won't find any learn-by-numbers, yawn-inducing, dull-as-dishwater graduate opportunities at Lidl. We're one of the most successful retail operations in the country and our do-it-different, keep-it-simple, make-it better approach to what we do has helped us get there. This is big business. With operations in 27 countries, we have more than 10,000 stores and 135 retail distribution centres.

This includes more than 630 stores in the UK alone, and there's an impressive schedule of new store and warehouse openings planned for the next few years.

To achieve this level of success and customer loyalty takes a special kind of culture. It takes a special kind of person too. So we have invested heavily in creating an ethos and an environment in which people can thrive.

Lidl is run as a lean business and everyone is expected to chip in and pull their weight. The more effort people make, the more they'll get back in return. In fact, nearly all of our senior professionals started out in store, successfully developing careers in sales, property, supply chain, logistics and a wide range of head office positions.

Carefully structured training and development programmes take the raw potential of ambitious and eager graduates & undergraduates transforming them into high-performing, polished retail professionals capable of running the business.

Lidl can offer you impressive opportunities to travel internationally too, combined with an excellent rewards package, making this one of the most exciting opportunities on the market. In keeping with our simple and straightforward ethos, we look for quick-witted, problem-solving people with plenty of common sense.

For bright, bold graduates and undergraduates who aren't afraid to make decisions and lead from the front, Lidl will make the investment. You can expect all the training and development support you need to take off in your career.

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