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Livity UK

Our company in a nutshell

About Us:


We are a youth marketing agency. We offer our clients - including Google, Public Health England, Channel 4, NSPCC amongst others - unrivalled access to young people by creating marketing solutions that resinate with their target youth audience. We do this by providing uniquely deep youth insights and a precious pool of young talent, energy and ideas.

Our services include:

Marketing strategies and solutions

Social media campaigns and management

Co-created design and artwork

Content production and strategy

Youth insight and consultancy


We're passionate about young people and work with them everyday, and offer them training, equipment, support and opportunities to build brighter futures.


Livity, Google and the MAA have come together to address the lack of diversity in the marketing and advertising sector, by launching an innovative skills development programme, launching fresh new talent into the sector.


Brixton London

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