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Our company in a nutshell

Logica is one of the world's leading business and IT service companies.

What does that mean? Well, that we're experts in technology and business, and in particular, how our people can help businesses grow and change through the use of IT. We work with our customers to help run and improve their business through the innovative use of technology and business consultancy.

We've achieved some remarkable things! For instance....

It was thanks to us that 60 million people were able to vote for their favourite artist on American Idol

We were also the people behind the very first text message

Our software plays a part in running a third of all operational satellites in space.

In short, our work is influential as it has helped shape how IT is used across the globe and this means it can be a challenging and fun place to work.

Logica employs around 41,000 people across 36 different countries. We work across a range of sectors, from space and defence to transport and the media.

Want to know what life in Logica is like? Then please visit our website

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