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Our company in a nutshell

What we do

Medair responds to natural disasters, conflicts that uproot communities, and crises such as drought or disease. Our core competencies are emergency relief - responding rapidly to save lives in a crisis - and rehabilitation - restoring vulnerable communities in the wake of a crisis. Our ability to provide life-saving care is enhanced by flexible multisectoral expertise including health services, water and sanitation, and shelter and infrastructure.

Medair serves the world's most vulnerable people, who are identified by the seriousness of their needs. For Medair, this often means travelling to remote and hard-to-reach locations to assist the most underserved populations.

All of our activities are bolstered by a persistent focus on training and capacity building that stimulates self-sufficiency and nurtures independence. Being accountable to our beneficiaries is a vital component of our programme design and implementation. We do not travel to distant countries to impose our will; we come to compassionately serve the most vulnerable, to listen to their needs, and work alongside them to find the best solutions.

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