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Meltwater News

Our company in a nutshell

About Us

Meltwater News is more than a traditional media monitoring service, combining the industry's broadest search capabilities, exclusive analytical tools and a consultative relationship with its clients, Meltwater News delivers the business critical information that executives in organizations worldwide require to gain, and maintain, their competitive edge.

With Meltwater News' expansive international coverage and robust search capabilities, users can find the information they need, when they need it, via an easy-to-use, Web-based interface. Meltwater News' interactive analytical capabilities enable users to get even more value from their media mentions by evaluating trends, mapping press activity, identifying target markets and measuring the ROI of marketing and public relations campaigns.

Our Vision

Technology is radically transforming the media monitoring market. Gone are the days of physical newspaper clippings, which were costly, took too much time to manually sort and often were last week's news by the time they arrived.

In a global marketplace—where 24-hour news cycles and exclusive online content are vital for day-to-day business—search technology is giving companies the power to find exactly the information they need, when they need it.

Online media monitoring offers a number of benefits to any organization, regardless of size. With the flexibility of online media monitoring, everyone—from the CEO to a junior PR staffer, from the executive vice president of sales to the head of R&D—can quickly and easily stay abreast of the latest trends, get an insight on what competitors are doing and track what's being said about their business. Online media monitoring also helps organizations measure their media coverage to evaluate the success of their marketing and public relations programs and ensure they are receiving the best return on their investment.


Meltwater Group - News division, is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Personifying the very essence of drive and ambition, we have seen the rapid growth of 48 offices in Scandinavia, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States within the last 4 years.

If you are the right person, with the right attitude, you will be given the opportunity to flourish within our European, Asian, African or US Management Program. Does Sydney, Hong Kong or Miami sound appealing?

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