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Meltwater Press

Our company in a nutshell

Meltwater Press

Meltwater is a global Software as a Service (SaaS) company developing disruptive, no-nonsense software designed to meet the specific needs of businesses around the world.

The Mission statement says it best: "The Meltwater Group enters growth markets where new technology enables outsiders to challenge existing business models and market leaders sleeping in class."

Meltwater also describes its people as ‘Good-Natured Mavericks’ - from the kind of people we hire to how we develop and deploy our software solutions.

Guided by core values, Meltwater has a fundamental belief in people and the potential they possess. ‘We are not afraid of investing in hidden talent and believe that in an environment where people are motivated and supported by their colleagues individuals will discover their strengths’.

The company is built on an entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and the joy of accomplishment. ‘We value teamwork, as well as individual excellence. At Meltwater, we put our passion and our personality into everything we do’.

The core of the culture can be summed up by the acronym MER, which, in Norwegian, means "more."

• Moro ['mo(•)ro] – Norwegian for "Fun." We believe that in order to become successful, individuals must enjoy what they do. That is why we promote a fun and supportive working environment.

• Enere ['e nðr'e] – Norwegian for "Number One." At Meltwater, average isn't good enough. Our goal is to create a company that is groundbreaking and a culture in which our employees aspire to exceed their personal expectations.

• Respekt [re'spekt] – Norwegian for "Respect." We believe it matters how a company or an individual becomes number one. When striving to be the best, individuals must treat their colleagues and customers with respect and humility.

• MER – An acronym for Moro, Enere and Respekt, which creates the Norwegian word "More." We may celebrate our victories, but we see the need to continuously improve—whether it is to reach personal goals or corporate milestones.

Meltwater Press - Join a Winning Team

Meltwater Press is one of the fastest growing business units within the Meltwater Group. Since it's inception in October 2009 we have set up offices in North America, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and the UK.

We provide software solutions for the PR/Communications industry, helping professionals and businesses reach out to the most influential journalists in their space and manage their communication workflow.

Due to our rapid expansion, we are looking for highly driven and ambitious talents who want to pursue a career in business development and management.

Our Vision:

We like to visualize the Meltwater strategy like the petals on a flower. At the center of the flower is the core: our global sales infrastructure, made up of people who are passionate about sales and have a strong knowledge of local business and culture. The petals make up our different product offerings.

Our business approach is built around creating or acquiring innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies and then leveraging our sales organization and worldwide infrastructure to quickly bring these solutions to market.

While our current product offerings target different audiences, they all share common traits:

• Business-to-business point solutions

• Can be implemented globally

• Applicable to most business segments

• Low price point

• Easy to implement

• Can be rolled out enterprise-wide or to specific functions

• Easily scaled and expanded

Career Opportunities & Training:

Meltwater offers a diverse range of ever-expanding professional opportunities, without walls or glass ceilings. The majority of Meltwater employees begin their careers as Sales Consultants, then progress through our entry-level management positions. At Meltwater, individuals have the opportunity to grow and move up in the management ranks through a four-stage, performance-driven process:

• Sales Consultant – Sales consultants learn how to do business on a very fundamental level. They manage their own leads and drive the full sales cycle from prospecting, to negotiations, to close. Sales consultants manage quotas under the mentorship of their manager and upon delivering successful results, have the opportunity to move into entry-level management.

• Sales Manager – Sales managers take on responsibility for a portion of their office's success, managing the professional development and sales quotas of their entire team. They recruit, train and mentor new hires, further develop their own sales portfolios through outbound sales calls and drive the full sales cycle from prospect to close.

• Managing Director – Managing directors recruit new employees, are responsible for their team's professional development, assume full profit/loss responsibility for their office, and conduct forecasting and sales reporting. In addition, managing directors attend and contribute to the quarterly forum of all managing directors in their region.

• Area Director – Area directors are responsible for the performance and growth of a group of offices in a given region. Responsibilities include recruitment planning and execution, mentoring and development of personnel with a particular focus on developing management talent, and alignment of sales and management methodology. In addition, area directors serve as cultural custodians to ensure the region is aligned with overall company values and standards.

Our Team/Staff:

Meltwater's employees are a diverse group. Among those on the Meltwater team are a former priest, a professional paintball player, lawyers, a professional NFL football player, financial analysts, former actors and TV news reporters, a ballerina and a competitive tomahawk thrower.

But behind these apparent differences is a shared desire to apply their entrepreneurial spirit in an environment where they can quickly see tangible results. This drive and creative thinking fuel Meltwater's growth.

Do You Have the Right Stuff for Meltwater?

If you have an excellent academic record and a history of excelling in extracurricular, Meltwater wants you. We don't require any specific major or course of study, but we look for individuals with a proven track record of success in sports, arts, academics or business. While relevant work experience is valued, it is not a requirement in our sales roles. We encourage recent graduates to apply.


Edinburgh, UK


Benefits play an important role in your choice of an employer. That's why we offer employees a truly rewarding work environment, competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package.

Starting salary 18,000 basic, 30,000 OTE uncapped and additional bonuses.

International management opportunities are also available during phase 2 of the business development and management program with Meltwater Press.

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