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Meridian Productivity

Our company in a nutshell

About Us:

The company

Healthcare is a fundamental right in the UK, the combination of the NHS and the private sector give UK citizens access to world leading healthcare. However it can always be improved and that is where we come in. Meridian work across the public and private sector healthcare providers to ensure that the end patient gets the best possible service in the most efficient way.

A productive NHS means the right resources in the right place at the right time. Meridian Productivity exists to help ensure Healthcare providers achieve significant, sustainable advances in performance whilst simultaneously achieving real savings.

We are proud that we have helped our clients save £200 million and we are looking for the next generation of consultants to help our clients get a minimum 250% ROI off our services.

The Results - What our Clients say

'At the time of project close, utilisation of the inpatient occupational therapy group sessions had shown an increase of 15% utilisation, representing a 35% improvement against previous figures (the programme had set out to achieve a 20% improvement) - Professor Jonathan Warren, Director of Nursing, East London NHS Foundation Trust

'In most services we have seen up to 50% improvements in patient facing time which is now consistent and still improving' - Michelle Parker, Assistant Director, Provide

'We increased the average number of patients per clinic across all specialties - in some specialties by over 30%' - Alex Whitfield, Commercial Director/Operations Director for Medicine, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

'They bring an element of expertise that we did not have and helped short cut the process of delivering the changes we needed to increase productivity and improve patient experience' - Russell Harrison, COO, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

'Our current additional capacity sessions have reduced by 30% and productivity within baseline activity has increased significantly - totalling more than 110% of our investment during the life of the project' - Steven Vaughan, Director of Operations & Performance, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

The Results - What our employees say

'When I started working with Meridian Productivity someone said to me that doing this job for a year actually means getting 5 times the amount of experience one could get with a standard management consulting job. Working for Meridian certainly makes time fly. The amount of experience pouring into me daily is unbelievable and there is quite a bit of travelling involved - you can never say you are repeating a day's work twice. This gave me the expertise and experience I would probably not gain as quickly working for other management consultancies. Not just this, the speed of progression through the ranks is also very high. I was on a Fast-Track management course after just one month with the company and on the way to become project manager not long after. I don't think this is often the case, especially with small-sized companies' - Joanne Tabaku Senior Project Manager

My career with Meridian Productivity started with no knowledge of productivity and a limited understanding of the health care sector. Through a comprehensive training programme and one to one coaching on the job and an ethos of progression based on merit I am now a Senior Productivity Specialist able to manage and build relationships with clients at an executive level, run workshops with Senior Management Groups and take responsibility for project delivery. I am responsible for supervising a group of productivity specialists and has been the lead productivity specialist on 4 projects in the last 12 months, all with positive outcomes, strong references and additional work from each client. - James Webster, Senior Productivity Specialist

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