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Our company in a nutshell

meta-morphose is the specialist in fast tracking graduates in sales careers.

At meta-morphose International, we believe that, for successful sales people, attitude is the most important personal attribute. With the right attitude, there is nothing which cannot be achieved.

It was on this basis that meta-morphose was founded in 1994; it is this concept which has underpinned our growth and success to reach where we are today: the UK's leading graduate-selection and sales training company.

meta-morphose selects graduates and graduate-calibre people with little or no sales experience, but with the one thing which cannot be taught: exactly the right attitude. Through a unique training and support programme, we transform these rough diamonds into the best-performing sales professionals.

This successful business concept was created by meta-morphose, but it has since become a well respected - and sometimes even emulated - approach to sales recruitment and training.

Our specialist knowledge and unique experience of sales training also allow us to transform experienced sales teams, through a wide range of development solutions which deliver substantially increased sales performance.

meta-morphose works with all sizes of organisation, from small- and medium-sized businesses to some of the world's best-known brands.

Business models and business climates may change, but the key challenge of business remains the same: profitable sales and growth. To solve this challenge, meta-morphose takes fresh people, with the right attitude, to coach and train them in proven sales skills - to deliver consistently what organisations need: some of the best-performing sales people available anywhere.