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National Grid

Our company in a nutshell

National Grid's role is to connect people to the energy they use. Society relies on having energy at its finger tips: it is built on it and National Grid owns and manages the systems to which many different energy sources are connected. In Britain we run systems that deliver gas and electricity across the entire country. In the North Eastern states of the US, we provide power directly to millions of customers. Holding a vital position at the centre of the energy system, National Grid join's everything up.

The energy market will dramatically change between now and 2015 and National Grid will play a vital role in connecting new sources of energy generation. The transition to a low carbon economy is set against a background of increasing population, changing economic times and ageing power plants will be unprecedented. This presents individuals with a tremendous opportunity to work with the latest technology and ensure we have energy networks that will meet the future challenges. You can be at the heart of one of the greatest engineering challenges facing society; the creation of new sustainable energy solutions for the future.

At National Grid we're passionate about our "grow our own strategy" and our suite of GCSE to degree level career path development programmes. It's little wonder that they are recognised for excellence and innovation - after all, we've been running some for well over 20 years - so they are some of the best you'll find anywhere.

Graduate Development Programme - starting salary of £25,600 Bachelors and £26,600 p.a. Masters

6 fantastic programmes to choose from Technical Engineer to Commercial Analyst

60 positions available

Student Programmes - starting salaries of £12,500 to £15,600 p.a.

12 month Industrial Placements and 12-14 week Internships

50 positions available

Engineer Training Programme (fully funded foundation degree)

A level entrance requirements - starting salary of £23,500 p.a.

70 positions available

Advanced Apprenticeship Programme

GCSE entrance requirements - starting salary of £14,950 p.a.

70 positions available

These programmes offer you a fantastic insight into a number of career paths within National Grid that are crucial to its future success. Each programme has been designed to accelerate your development by offering you key experiences and knowledge in your relevant career paths, ensuring you are ready and prepared to take on this demanding role at the end of your training.

The training is a great blend of technical specialism combined with business and commercial insight and fast enhancement of your behavioural, personal and managerial capabilities. Typically the sort of training you would only experience after a few years with an organisation. We believe that by investing in you now it will provide greater returns in the future.

Register your interest on-line today and apply in full from the 1st October 2012

You'll need to be proactive through the recruitment process - apply early for these fantastic opportunities.

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