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Nestle Academy

Our company in a nutshell

About Us:

As the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company, you will definitely have come across Nestlé before. Nescafé®, Kit Kat® and Shredded Wheat are just some of the household names you'll have heard of. Not to mention Buxton® mineral water, Felix®, Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles® and After Eight®

But behind all the world-famous brands, there are lots of other things we do at Nestlé that you might not be so familiar with.

For example, did you know that our research is pushing back the boundaries of health and nutrition? Or that we have offices, factories and plants not just across the UK but throughout Europe and around the world? In fact, across 86 countries we employ over 330,000 people.

Joining Nestlé gives you the opportunity not only to work on our successful brands, but also to explore this hugely diverse and complex organisation by moving through different roles, different teams, different business areas and, potentially, different countries as well.

And thanks to the world-class learning and development offered by our Nestlé Academy, you will, at the same time, be able to build on your existing strengths to become a highly skilled and experienced expert in your field.