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Nuclear Grads

Our company in a nutshell


Are you ready to face the UK nuclear industry's biggest challenge in decades?  

nucleargraduates is the most comprehensive scheme the industry has ever seen. And we're inviting open-minded, ambitious graduates like you to find out more…

Existing power stations near the end of their working lives are ready to be decommissioned, while a new wave of plants has been given the go ahead. Nuclear is back on the agenda. The need for suitably skilled graduates from the UK is greater than ever!


Engineers, scientists, business minds, talented managers and financial experts will be essential to the future of this sector. That's why leading businesses and organisations have come together to create a new graduate training programme: nucleargraduates.

What's the Industry all about?

The nuclear sector can be divided into five key areas:

Decommissioning - is at the forefront of meeting this sector's commercial and environmental challenges. Only by safely and efficiently managing the legacy of the nuclear industry from the past 50 years, can society can have confidence in the next generation of nuclear power stations.

Power Generation - makes up the best known part of the nuclear industry. It's not surprising. Right now, the UK's nuclear power stations already account for nearly 20% of the electricity supplied to meet national needs.

Processing - and reprocessing nuclear fuel is a major part of this sector. The challenges are incredibly varied and range from operating commercially in a global market, to making new advances in chemical engineering.

Defence - plays an important role in the nuclear industry. A number of new contracts are currently being delivered for the Ministry of Defence through suppliers such as BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce.

New Build - encompasses project management, engineering, construction and business management. We need ambitious, intelligent people, who can tackle projects as big if not bigger than the Olympic Games and London's Cross Rail network.

What can graduates expect?

We need graduates with flexibility, passion and commitment. While we'll give you advice and support when you need it, you'll need the ability to manage yourself and stay in control of your programme.

The nucleargraduates programme (

read more here) has been designed to give you the best training, the most interesting secondments and as much support as is possible. You will be given an extensive core training programme as well as the opportunity to tailor your own development through use of your own Continuous Professional Development budget (CPD). During each secondment you will have a mid-secondment appraisal and an end of secondment appraisal, these will allow you to discuss your experiences and learning to ensure you gain evidence towards chartership.

You can expect a lot from us. But we'll expect a lot from you in return. In fact, you could say that the first project we'll expect you to manage is... you.

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