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NYU London

Our company in a nutshell

NYU London: is an affiliate of New York University and has been established in London since 1999. NYUL teaches high quality graduate and undergraduate programmes to around 400 students each semester. It has an academic centre in Bedford square and two student halls in Bloomsbury. The administrative team is reinforced by around 70 faculty, all highly experienced and experts in their field.

Study Abroad can be an experience that transforms one's life: opening up new horizons, new possibilities, and new ideas. In a foreign country, things are done differently and that by itself can impact a student in many unpredictable ways. The important requirement for a successful experience is not to expect things to be 'just like home'.

NYU in London is committed to providing for its students every opportunity to be part of their host society and to take full advantage of the abroad experience. It’s very full and diverse courses are taught by local professors, usually having full time posts in one of the colleges of the University of London.

The objectives of NYU in London are to provide both research-led undergraduate education of the highest possible quality, and the opportunity to experience a foreign, English-language, but culturally diverse society.

These objectives are to be met in a study abroad programme which extends beyond the classroom. NYU in London recognises that such a context is educationally most effective when it combines experimental and formal learning in an integrated way.

The overriding ethos of NYU in London is to provide high quality education, rivalling the best in the US, albeit offered in a foreign country, but combined with the advantages that being based in a foreign country and culture brings in terms of a widened experience.

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