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Our company in a nutshell

Pareto is the UK's leading graduate placement and training organisation specialising in placing some of the country's top graduates into leading sales careers. Over 7,000 graduates have been placed and trained through Pareto over the past 10 years.

We work with some of the most dynamic and successful UK companies to track down graduates who will go on to become leading sales professionals and tomorrow's managing directors.

Pareto Law has a unique approach to placement. All our graduates take part in an assessment day to make sure they are part of the top 20% who will go on to achieve great things. This process also helps Pareto to understand the individuals and then select a company environment to suit personalities and working styles. Successful candidates then go on to be placed and trained by Pareto.


Pareto are looking for the best graduates to fill some of the UK's top sales positions regardless of degree subject. It's ability and personality that makes a good sales person. Many Pareto candidates have gone on to earn in excess of £40k within 18 months of their first placement and become sales managers and directors of the future. Once we have identified that you have what it takes through our assessment day, the opportunities are limitless. We aim to match your skills, character and aptitude to your new employer and company culture and provide you with the training you need to make sure you become a successful and fulfilled member of your new team.


Pareto selects only the very best graduates to be placed in some of the UK's most dynamic industries. The company name comes from a law established by Vilfredo Pareto, which states that 80% of all success is achieved by 20% of the people. In business 80% of the company's sales are generated by just 20% of the sales team and it's the 20% that will be selected by Pareto and matched to the right career opportunity with an organisation to suit individual personality and working style.

Training and Development

Part of Pareto's unique approach is that, once placed, all graduates attend a five-day residential sales and communications training course. This provides the building blocks for your career in sales and helps to equip you with the high level skills required to perform sales tasks including field selling, solution selling and consultancy.

Pareto also provides ongoing training for graduates during early career stages. You will come back to Pareto for continued development and training through a series of three additional training programmes.

The relationship with Pareto is one that will provide support throughout your career. All our graduate careers managers are former graduates themselves and are available to offer advice and practical help at any time in your career.

Salaries and Benefits:

Starting salaries range between £15k and £20k depending on location. All positions provide lucrative bonus schemes and where appropriate company car or car allowance. Every job has a clear succession plan and includes valuable, relevant training.

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