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About Sainsburys

Company HQ location: London

Industry: Retail Sector

No of employees: 186900

Our company in a nutshell

Founded in 1869, Sainsbury's is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, with a 17% share of the supermarket sector. Our head office is in the Sainsbury's Store Support Centre in Holborn Circus, London. We have over 1300 stores (including convenience outlets), with over 160,000 employees.

In the highly competitive grocery industry, our values make us different and make strong commercial sense. Our values help us strengthen relationships with all our stakeholders, build trust, reduce operating costs, mitigate risks and attract and retain talent in a crowded marketplace.

Life at Sainsburys for graduates

We believe in getting to the point. Why rotate around on a graduate scheme when you can jump straight into the area you're passionate about? And why wait to get job-specific skills and experience, when you can start picking them up right now? So we won't make you waste time counting down the hours for a one-off annual entry. We hire students, graduates, and similarly qualified people, all year round.

Plus we're offering a few ways to get to what you love more quickly. Take an internship, opt for an apprenticeship or find a career role in your business area of choice.


Still considering your options, then maybe our graduate scheme is the route for you. Our Central Leaders Graduate Scheme is a structured and rigorous development programme that explores every aspect of business leadership.

Retail is at the heart of our business and so all of our graduates will spend one placement in our fast-paced stores. In this six-month placement you'll be training to manage a team whilst delivering great customer service; serving our customers whenever and wherever they want.

To be successful, you'll need to think fast and adapt quickly. You'll be expected to communicate clearly, engage colleagues and have the skills to influence the people around you. Most importantly you'll be visible right across our business from a very early stage in your career.

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