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Sanctuary Group

Our company in a nutshell

Discover a different kind of graduate programme Sanctuary Group

Discover a large scale organisation that reinvests all of its surplus for the benefit of its customers. One with an annual turnover of some £340 million, and a firm commitment to making life better for some of society's most disadvantaged individuals. A Group with a national presence but a local focus, and which has housing at its core, but activities in all sorts of different areas - from facilities management through to care homes. Discover your true potential as part of Sanctuary Group. The best of both

This is a chance to build a career in business - to drive surpluses and to increase efficiency. Because although we're an organisation with social objectives, our approach is every bit as commercial as you'd find in any private sector company. We may not be answerable to shareholders, but we are accountable to the thousands of people we help on a daily basis. It's a massive responsibility, and it makes it even more important that we achieve the highest standards, that we continue to focus on the future, and that we employ the most talented people -Someone like you. A career that will take you places

Join us, and you'll be part of a diverse national organisation - we have some 75,000 accommodation units right across the UK. And you can expect variety from our Graduate Development Programme too. Lasting up to two years, the scheme will give you a taste of some of the core areas that drive our success - including Central Services , Housing, Property Services, and Commercial (which includes Sanctuary Care and Sanctuary Management Services). If you show potential in your first year, you could have the chance to work towards a professional qualification. From there, we'll give you all the ongoing training you need to make a lasting impression both on our Group, and all of the communities we support.

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