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Simply Media

Our company in a nutshell

Based in new offices in the heart of London’s Soho, Simply Media produces high quality Factual Entertainment for Television Channels around the world.

We also provide Advertising Solutions, Creative Ideas and Concepts, Production, Internet Delivery Technology, and Internet Media Buying/Placement across a broad range of Advertising and Marketing Platforms, from conventional Television to Internet, Virals and Mobile Telephony.

Advertising Solutions We work alongside Advertising Agencies and Advertisers to create specialised New Digital Media Solutions in an increasingly complex media environment.

Creative Ideas & Concepts We develop Creative Ideas and Concepts for Advertising or execute and enhance Ideas and Concepts created by others.

Production We have an experienced In-House production team with expertise in originating on both film and video. We have in-house sophisticated editing facilities, Complex Special Effects CGI capability, and our own Audio suites. Advertiser funded Programming, in conjunction with our own programme production division, Commercials, Virals, every kind of Internet Video and specialised production for Mobile Content.

Internet Delivery Technology We have in-house a strong technology infrastructure to deliver Advertising Concepts of all kinds, particularly video, to a plethora of New Digital Media platforms.

Internet Media Buying & Placement We ensure that your Advertising Concept is widely viewed across New Digital Media, either Trade or Consumer, at a cost to fit your budget.

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