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SOLA Group

Our company in a nutshell


SOLA Technology offers a wide range of mid to high level specialist technical contractors and teams to support individual client projects and entire business change initiatives. SOLA Technology has an enviable blue chip client list and operates across most sectors.

We are highly active in the Public Sector market, directly or via our S-CAT/Catalyst partner and have an extensive and enviable track record in providing security cleared personnel.

The company is just entering its fourth year of trading and we have already achieved staggering results. We retain all the benefits of a small company but with all the infrastructure of a big company - the best of both worlds. We have plans to expand globally, into Dubai this year with further international locations in the pipeline.

The office environment is vibrant and fun, the entire team believe in the "work hard, play hard" philosophy. We don't manage our staff with rigid and inflexible rules we want people to enjoy coming to work and encourage team nights out and other social events.

Danny Herbert, CEO, says -

"SOLA is a highly dynamic business that has grown rapidly since we got going in May 2005. It is no secret that if you want to be really good at something then a good place to start is to find somebody who is really good and copy what they do. At SOLA we have some very talented individuals and managers who enjoy coaching and mentoring to enable the quickest returns on your development.

I am very proud of the opportunities that the SOLA group can provide and am passionate about maintaining highly rewarding and enjoyable career paths for everyone at SOLA. I am confident that we will continue to develop our unique internal culture, achieved only through the leadership and vision of the management team and the dedication and enthusiasm of each of our employees.

Let me manage your expectations however, our business is fiercely competitive, our market is highly volatile and this industry is not for the feint hearted. This is not a 9-5 steady job in a steady industry. Nevertheless if you have what it takes to be a top performer then SOLA will provide you with genuinely exciting career opportunities and rewards. Our business is fun, rewarding and exhilarating; you will experience knocks and setbacks along the way but it is all part of the journey!

But let's be honest, not everybody reading this will have aspirations to set the world on fire and be a super top biller, and whilst we will not tolerate mediocrity we accept that many of you will be focused on other priorities like making great money and enjoying yourself whilst you're doing it. Well, that's fine with us too - the concept of "work hard, play hard" is to be encouraged but not at the expense of your professionalism. We firmly believe that there is a place for highly polished sales professionals within this industry and SOLA are on a crusade to produce them!"

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